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City of Mackinac Island

mackisland1.jpgMackinac (MACK-in-aw) Island is 3.8 square miles of land frozen in time.  This National Historic Landmark located in Lake Huron is an extremely unique vacation destination.  To this day, no personal motorized vehicles are allowed on the island.  Instead, citizens and visitors alike will enjoy horseback riding, horse drawn carriage rides, biking, hiking, or walking as their transportation.  A ride around the island will be 8 miles round trip, where bikers will see such sights as Arch Rock, The Grand Hotel, and of course breath taking views of Lake Huron.  During the winter snowmobiles provide the majority of transportation around the Island.  When the Ice Bridge, which is marked with old Christmas trees, is completely frozen over, snowmobiles can get travelers on and off of the Island.  Otherwise, during the winter months in which the ferry boats do not operate, air planes are the only transportation on and off of the Island.  Mackinac Island Public Airport operates year around to bring food, supplies and people to Mackinac Island.

Interesting History and Facts about Mackinac Island

Native Americans were the first settlers on Mackinac Island, followed by the British who established Fort Mackinac during the American Revolutionary War.  Mackinac Island was also played an important part in the Great Lakes fur trade. 

Link to City Site

Most travelers to the Straits area will be making the visit to Mackinac Island one of their top priorities. The views are magnificent with the open vistas of water on all sides, the full span of the Mackinac Bridge over the Straits, and the many boats of every size and description passing through.

Three ferry companies operate from Moran Bay in St. Ignace transporting you and your family to a place of serenity and charm.  Docks are located throughout the city and ferries offer shuttle service from your lodgings.  Mackinac County Airport also services the Island with a daily flight schedule.

The Island is a Michigan State Park with Fort Mackinac and the historic downtown as the highlights. Candy makers on the Island gave tourists their local moniker, “Fudgie”, based on the fondness all visitors have for the sumptuous recipes of every flavor of fudge.

The smooth ride returning to St. Ignace puts you back in comforting, affordable lodgings .  Dinner at one of the many mainland waterfront restaurants will complete your day with stunning views of evening falling on Mackinac Island.

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